Scars & Stretch Marks

How do scars form?

Scars can be disturbing and can have various causes. For example, they are the result of (severe) acne. The acne has sometimes been quiet for years, but the scars remain visible. In addition, there are surgical scars. These cannot always be corrected surgically, but they can be made less visible through treatment.

How do stretch marks form?

Stretch marks are stretch marks on the skin. These occur when the skin grows rapidly or is stretched over a short period of time. Stretch marks often appear during pregnancy or after a growth spurt during puberty. Just like scars, stretch marks can be experienced as cosmetically disturbing.

Treatment of scars and stretch marks in Amsterdam

Unfortunately, scars and stretch marks cannot be completely removed. However, we can make the skin smoother and tighter and improve the color so that it is less noticeable. At Vogue Clinic in Amsterdam we can treat scars and stretch marks in a targeted manner with microneedling . We use the Dermapen4 for this. This is the latest microneedling pen that works very purposefully and accurately. The treatment does not damage the epidermis, which means you have a shorter recovery time and see results faster.