Couperose & Rosacea

What is rosacea?

Couperose can be recognized as a network of small blood vessels in the face, neck or décolleté. Although rosacea is harmless, many people find it disturbing. Couperosis is caused by weakened vessel walls. This usually happens gradually as the skin ages. Couperosis can become worse if you spend a lot of time outside in all weather conditions and expose your skin to sunlight. Heredity also plays a role in the strength of the vessel walls.

What is rosacea?

The most common feature of rosacea is facial redness. Three other common features are small dilated blood vessels, bumps and pimples. Sometimes large inflammations are also present. Rosacea is also often associated with eye disorders. These can be mild to severe. Certain triggers can make rosacea worse. These include, for example, irritants in care products, spicy food and sunlight. Large temperature differences, for example due to air conditioning or sauna, can also aggravate rosacea.

Treatment against rosacea and rosacea in Amsterdam

Both rosacea and rosacea can be easily reduced. Your skin looks more radiant and less red. What you can do yourself is apply a day cream with a high SPF every day. At Vogue Clinic we can further control your rosacea or rosacea with targeted treatment. We usually use the Mesoestetic Peeling Azelan , the Dermapen4 or a combination of both. Which treatment or combination of treatments is most suitable for you depends, among other things, on your skin condition and how severe the rosacea or rosacea is. You often see results after the first treatment. Sometimes multiple treatments are required for optimal results.