What is hyperpigmentation?

We speak of hyperpigmentation or pigment spots if the skin in certain places is darker than the rest of the skin. The cause of hyperpigmentation is an increase in pigment in your skin. Pigment is a dye that is produced by special cells, pigment cells, in your skin. Hormones and ultraviolet rays cause pigment cells to produce pigment. This is then transferred from the pigment cells to the surrounding skin cells. Hyperpigmentation can be congenital, but can also develop later in life. Well-known examples of skin conditions due to hyperpigmentation are moles and melasma (also known as 'pregnancy mask').

Treatment for hyperpigmentation in Amsterdam

Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation and do you want to have your pigment spots treated professionally? At Vogue Clinic in Amsterdam we are happy to help you. Treatments that we often use for hyperpigmentation are: Cosmelan , Dermamelan and Dermamelan Intimate, the Mesoestetic Peelings Melanostop and Melanoplus, herbal peeling and the Gentle Max Pro laser. After a thorough analysis of your skin, we create a tailor-made treatment plan. Which treatment or combination of treatments is most suitable for you depends on various factors.

Book your hyperpigmentation treatment now at Vogue Clinic

At Vogue Clinic we can treat your skin in a targeted manner, causing hyperpigmentation to significantly reduce or even disappear completely. Before we draw up a treatment plan, we take the time to discuss the options and your wishes. Make an appointment online or contact us for more information. We are happy to assist you.