Complaints procedure

The first step

The first step is to have a conversation with your healthcare provider. It is quite possible that your healthcare provider does not realize that you are dissatisfied and about what. There may be a misunderstanding. Such a conversation often leads to a solution.

Complaints procedure

It may be that a conversation does not provide a solution or does not provide a sufficient solution. Or there is a good reason for not wanting to have a conversation. Then you can use the complaints procedure. The Paramedics Complaints and Dispute Procedure offers you an independent complaints officer. You will find a simple form and further explanation on the Paramedic Complaints Desk website to submit your complaint. If you have further questions or are unable to resolve the matter, it is possible to contact the complaints desk by email or telephone.

For questions or more information:

Complaints desk for paramedics
e: info@ complaintsloketparamedici. NL
t: 030 310 09 29 (available from Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 12:30 pm)

The independent complaints officer will review your complaint, provide advice on submitting a complaint if desired, can help formulate it and look for a solution. You will receive a response from the complaints officer to your submitted complaint within two weeks. The complaints officer will also contact the healthcare provider involved. The healthcare provider must indicate his/her response/solution regarding the complaint within 6 weeks at the latest.

Disputes committee

If the solution offered or the way in which the complaint was handled is unsatisfactory for you, you can contact the dispute committee. It is led by an independent chairman. The committee is still trying to find a solution. A decision by the dispute committee is binding, both for the healthcare provider and for you. In certain cases the committee may award compensation. You can also submit a dispute via the Paramedic Complaints Desk website, where you will find a simple form and further explanation.


Filing a complaint costs you nothing. Do you want an opinion from the dispute committee? Then you pay 50 euros in court fees as a contribution to the costs. If you also claim compensation, this is 100 euros. You must pay these costs, regardless of whether or not the case is in your favor. In exceptional cases, the committee may waive the obligation to contribute.

If you are unable to reach an agreement with this arrangement, you are of course free to initiate legal proceedings to obtain a decision from the civil court. However, consider carefully whether this will serve you best.