Terms and Conditions

1. General
1.1 In these conditions, “Vogue Clinic” means Vogue Clinic located in Amsterdam, at Overtoom 427H, 1054JR Amsterdam.
1.2 In these conditions, “client” means the person who instructs Vogue Clinic to provide treatment.
1.3 In these terms and conditions, “client” also means his legal representative.
1.4 In these conditions, “laser” means treatments with the Candela GentleMax Pro.
1.5 These general terms and conditions apply to all expressions, services, products and materials of Vogue Clinic.
1.6 These conditions form part of every agreement between the client and Vogue Clinic.
1.7 These conditions also apply if Vogue Clinic involves third parties for the execution of the assignment.
1.8 The effect of Article 7:404 and Article 7:407 paragraph 2 of the Dutch Civil Code is expressly excluded.
2 Agreement
2.1 The agreement between Vogue Clinic and the client includes the client's assignment to Vogue Clinic for treatment. This is established at the time of online booking or request for booking by the client.
2.2 Vogue Clinic is entitled not to respond to an unreasonable and/or unusual desire of the client and may refuse to carry out treatment.
2.3 An agreement entered into for a laser package is personal, tied to the purchased zones and does not expire provided the client pays on time.
3 Consent
3.1 Prior to the execution of the treatment agreement, the client grants written, unconditional and unreserved permission to Vogue Clinic by completing and signing the Vogue Clinic intake form.
3.2. The client gives unconditional and unreserved consent - taking due care - to the registration of his personal data and medical data that are relevant to the treatment and the completion of the treatment.
3.3 Vogue Clinic may require the client to confirm his consent in writing.
3.4 Cosmetic procedures on minors are prohibited in the Netherlands. We will not deviate from this under any circumstances. This means that even a consultation with a minor is not possible to avoid disappointment and mistakes.
4 Information
4.1 The client must inform Vogue Clinic in a timely manner and keep all information necessary for the proper execution of the agreement.
4.2 Vogue Clinic informs the patient in a clear manner about the proposed examination, the proposed treatment and developments regarding the examination, the treatment and his or her health condition.
4.3 When providing the information referred to in the first paragraph, Vogue Clinic is guided by what the client reasonably needs to know about:
a. the nature and purpose of the examination or treatment that he considers necessary and the procedures to be carried out;
b. the expected consequences and risks of the examination or treatment for the patient's health;
c. other eligible methods of examination or treatment;
d. the state of health and the expected consequences of the examination or treatment.
4.4 Before making an appointment for a consultation with a cosmetic objective, the client declares to be at least 18 years old.
5. Confidentiality
5.1 Vogue Clinic does not provide (personal) data to third parties without the client's consent, with the exception of the cases referred to in the third paragraph of article 5 of these conditions.
5.2 Unless the law provides otherwise, provision of data and access to a third party will only take place to the extent that this does not harm the personal privacy of another person.
5.3 Third parties as referred to in the first paragraph are not:
a. those who are directly involved in the implementation of the treatment agreement if the provision of data and access is necessary for the work to be performed by them;
b. the parents who exercise authority over the client or are his guardian.
6 Rates
Vogue Clinic reserves the right, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, to change the rates without further notice.
7 Payment
7.1 The client pays for the treatment in cash, by debit card or online before receiving treatment or immediately after treatment.
7.2 If Vogue Clinic allows the client to pay in installments, the client will ensure full payment of the installment at the start of the treatment. The total amount must be paid at the start of the fourth treatment.
7.3 Payments will first be deducted from the oldest outstanding invoices.
7.4 If the client does not pay the invoice on time and/or in full after a request or demand from Vogue Clinic, he or she is in default and default. Vogue Clinic is then entitled to charge the client statutory interest on the invoice amount or the remainder thereof. to charge. Vogue Clinic is then also authorized to take collection measures without further notice. The costs associated with the collection (including extrajudicial costs and other costs) will be borne by the client.
7.5 In the event of late payment, Vogue Clinic is authorized to suspend further treatment or only provide it against immediate cash payment. In the event of late payment on installments of a promotional package, Vogue Clinic is authorized to cancel this promotion.
7.6 The payment obligation is not suspended because the client files a complaint against Vogue Clinic about the invoice and/or the treatment, unless Vogue Clinic agrees to the suspension of the payment obligation.
7.7 The payment obligation does not expire if the client terminates the agreement.
7.8 Vogue Clinic is entitled to require full or partial advance payment or security at any time. This article applies to treatments lasting longer than 30 minutes.
8 Cancellation
8.1 If the client is unable to attend an appointment, he must cancel this at Vogue Clinic no later than forty-eight (48) hours in advance.
8.2 If the client does not cancel or does not cancel on time, Vogue Clinic will charge an amount equal to 50% of the amount of the invoice for the associated appointment to the client in question, plus administration costs of €9. (in words: nine euros) with a total maximum of €75 (in words: seventy-five euros)
8.3 If the client has paid for the treatment in full or in part, the costs referred to in paragraph 2 will be offset against this.
8.4 Appointments must be canceled by email or online. The cancellation will be registered when the cancellation is received by Vogue Clinic. If the client wishes to cancel her appointment by telephone, this is the client's responsibility. Vogue Clinic not being reachable by telephone cannot be a reason for not canceling the appointment or not canceling it on time.
8.5 Are you unable to cancel or reschedule in time due to illness, medication or corona complaints? We can then only offer you to move with full payment in advance for the treatment, so you avoid additional costs. Do you still want to cancel? Then the costs from Article 8.2 apply.
8.6 Promotions or deals purchased online are non-refundable. Provided the corresponding appointment is canceled in time, you can only receive a voucher for the down payment.
9 Liability
9.1 If an event occurs during the treatment, including failure to carry out treatment in full or on time, which leads to liability on the part of Vogue Clinic, then that liability is limited to the amount covered by the liability insurance taken out by Vogue Clinic. entitles. If the insurance does not cover the liability for any reason or if Vogue Clinic is not covered for the liability, Vogue Clinic's liability is limited to the amount of the invoice. However, Vogue Clinic is not liable in the event that the client is in default of any obligation towards Vogue Clinic at the time the event occurs.
9.2 Vogue Clinic cannot provide any guarantees about the amount of hair reduction after the laser hair removal treatment(s), or the number of treatments to achieve the desired hair reduction.
9.3 Vogue Clinic is not liable for burns, skin damage, or any skin reaction whatsoever, after or as a result of the laser treatment(s).
9.4 Vogue Clinic is not liable for (aggravated) pigmentation on the skin after the treatment(s).
9.5 Tattoos, piercings, birthmarks, pigment spots, foreign features, skin abnormalities, or any abnormality on the skin have an increased risk of skin damage due to the laser treatment(s). Vogue Clinic is not liable for any skin damage and/or skin reaction resulting from the aforementioned body characteristics.
9.6 Vogue Clinic has an obligation of efforts and no obligation of results with regard to the client(s) it treats. Vogue Clinic will make every effort to achieve the desired result insofar as this is feasible and responsible. Vogue Clinic accepts no liability in the event that, despite best efforts, the result proves to be unachievable. This is in accordance with applicable case law and regulations.
9.7 Vogue Clinic is not liable for (aggravated) hair growth due to any radiating heat from the laser on other body parts or as a result of shaving the treated body parts.
10 Complaints
10.1 It is strongly recommended that you report shortcomings in writing or by email to Vogue Clinic immediately after discovering or being able to discover them. Waiting too long to complain can have adverse consequences for the consumer's evidentiary position.
10.2 The entrepreneur has a sufficiently publicized arrangement for the reception and handling of complaints and handles a complaint in accordance with this complaints procedure. The entrepreneur will repair any shortcomings if possible within a reasonable period. To the extent that the Wkkgz applies to the relevant professional group, a complaints officer is part of the complaints procedure.
10.3 If the complaints procedure does not lead to a solution acceptable to both parties, a dispute arises that can be submitted to the Disputes Committee.
10.4 The consumer can submit the dispute to the Disputes Committee. This also applies if the complaints officer referred to in paragraph 3 of this article does not resolve a dispute between the entrepreneur and the consumer. In the latter case, the complaints officer will inform the consumer of the option to submit the complaint to the Disputes Committee.
11 Nullity
If any provision of these terms and conditions is void or voidable, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions.
12 Applicable law
The agreement concluded between Vogue Clinic and the client, and any further agreements concluded in implementation thereof, is exclusively governed by Dutch law.
13 Change
Vogue Clinic reserves the right to change these conditions at any time.
Deviations from the General Terms and Conditions are only valid if they have been expressly agreed in writing.
Version January 2024 drawn up in Amsterdam.