What is acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that does not only affect young people. You can also suffer from acne later in life. The cause of acne is blockage of the sebaceous glands. These become clogged due to excessive sebum production and an accumulation of dead skin cells. The acne bacteria P. Acnes can therefore easily multiply in the sebaceous glands. This causes impurities and inflammation in the skin.

Acne treatment in Amsterdam

In everyday life, acne can have a major impact and even cause psychological problems. Fortunately, we can treat acne effectively at Vogue Clinic. We achieve visible results in a short time. Treatments that we often use for acne are: Acnelan , Mesoestetic Peeling Azelan, Glo2Peel (Balance) and herbal peeling . Which treatment or combination of treatments is most effective for you depends on various factors. For example, how serious the acne is, what skin type you have, what the condition of your skin is and what your wishes are.

Do you suffer from acne and would you like to get rid of it? Then book an acne treatment at Vogue Clinic. We analyze your skin thoroughly and, in consultation with you, we draw up a tailor-made treatment plan. Make an appointment online or contact us for more information. We are happy to assist you.