Hair loss

How do hair loss and hair fall occur?

Hair loss and thinning hair occurs in both men and women and can have different causes. Hair grows in different growth phases. There is the growth phase (anagen phase), resting phase (catagen phase) and loss phase (telogen phase). As your hair becomes thinner, the growth phase lasts shorter and the shedding phase lasts longer. Hair quality often deteriorates and fewer hairs grow from one hair follicle.

Hair loss treatment in Amsterdam

If you notice that your hair is thinning and falling out more, for example in the shower, on your pillow or in a hairbrush, this can make you feel very insecure. We can treat hair loss with a hormonal or hereditary cause at Vogue Clinic in Amsterdam. The treatments that we can use for unwanted hair loss are Hydrafacial Keravive and XL Hair. It is important that there are still enough hairs to stimulate growth. The treatment is therefore not suitable for a completely bald scalp.

With the XL Hair treatment, hyaluronic acid and vitamins ensure that the scalp receives enough nutrients to produce healthy and active hair. The vitamin complex is injected into the scalp at the hair follicles. Hair follicles from which only a few hairs are growing are stimulated to produce new hair. The injection can be somewhat sensitive, but in general a treatment with XL Hair is not experienced as painful.

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