Cosmelan treatment at Vogue Clinic Amsterdam

Hyperpigmentation is a common problem. It can be caused by a hormone imbalance, skin aging, pregnancy, pill use, menopause and as a result of sun exposure. Superficial pigment can easily be treated with a medical peeling or pigment laser. If the pigment is located deeper, it is sometimes very difficult to remove. There is the Cosmelan treatment from Mesoestetic especially for this deeper pigment, which is also the world's number 1 treatment for pigment. This is an effective treatment for all skin types to reduce pigment spots.

  • Step 1: Prep Peel

    After the intake, you will visit the skin therapist for a preparatory depigmentation peeling 7-10 days before the Cosmelan treatment.

  • Step 2: Cosmelan Mask

    The skin is cleaned and degreased after which the Cosmelan 1 mask is applied. You go home with this mask on and this mask stays on your skin for 8-12 hours. (Depending on your skin type).

  • Step 3: Home products

    After treatment, it is important to follow the aftercare instructions at home. You must use the Cosmelan 2 product at home for at least 6 weeks. The skin therapist will advise you further on this.

  • Step 4: Follow-up check

    After about a month you will come in for a follow-up check. The skin therapist will also advise you to use the home products appropriately.


• The world's number 1 pigment treatment
• Works for all types of pigment
• Suitable for all skin types
• Eliminates hyperpigmentation
• Combat the overproduction of melanin and thus prevent new spots

What is the result of the treatment?

During the first 4 days of treatment, the skin may become red and swelling may occur. The skin may become sensitive and itching may occur.

Other side effects may include slightly burning or tight skin, but this is a normal reaction of the skin. Flaking occurs on the 2nd or 3rd day in all skin types. It is advisable to use the Hydra-vital factor K cream and repeat this every 2 hours on days when the flaking is active. One week after treatment the skin begins to improve, however the best results are seen between 2-6 weeks.


Non-binding intake with free Observ520x skin analysis

Do you suffer from disturbing pigment spots due to hyperpigmentation? Then make an appointment immediately. We always schedule a no-obligation consultation prior to the treatment process. In this extensive conversation we will discuss your skin problem and make a skin analysis with our Observ520x. Based on this research, the skin therapist draws up a tailor-made treatment plan.

You can come to us without a referral from your GP or dermatologist. A Cosmelan treatment can be reimbursed by the health insurer from the acne therapy package if you undergo treatment for pigment caused by acne scars. Whether you are eligible for reimbursement depends on your additional health insurance.